Website Fees &
Course Introduction

Website Fees & Course Introduction

Easy to make and use 0-Dollars per month
website plan

0-Dollars per month website plan

Easy Basic

Easy Basic Website


including tax

An easy-to-use website that has everything you need for a corporate website. You can choose from a range of beautiful template designs.
Low cost and secure, free from monthly fees. Free software to update your website anytime, anywhere.

Easy Basic + SSL

Easy Basic Website +SSL


including tax

A secure plan that adds the security feature of SSL to Easy Basic Website. A secure website without worry.

Easy Multifunctional Site

Easy Deluxe Site


including tax

A beautifully designed template-based website design.
This is an economical plan that includes all the features you need for bringing in visitors, such as a fluid design, SSL, and blog functions.
For those who want to increase their chances of bringing in customers by sending out information and growing their content.

Improve Your Website’s Security and
User Experience

Improve Your Website’s Security and User Experience

Better UI

Smartphone Menu PLUS

499 USD~

(excl. tax)

Create a beautiful, intuitive and easy-to-use design for menus on mobile phones.
It's a highly effective way to increase conversion rates and retention!

Better Security

Permanent SSL

499 USD~

(excl. tax)

Encrypts your communications for a secure website! It also prevents browser warnings and access blocks.

Prevent Spam


340 USD~

(excl. tax)

Anti-spam for contact forms created by Google.

Better Security

List of useful and secure recommended features

  • SEO
  • Attracting customers
  • Blog
  • Job opportunities
  • Foreign languages

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