Enhanced security SSL support

Low-cost permanent
SSL-enabled plans

Low-cost permanent SSL-enabled plans

Reasons to use SSL


Non-SSL pages can be denied access by the browser.

The blocking measure was initiated by a security feature officially introduced in the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

SSL is a technology for encrypting user data.
By encrypting data, a website can be viewed safely without a third party being able to read the information.
When a website is SSL-enabled, the prefix of the website URL changes from 'http' to 'https'.
Ensuring that all pages of a website are SSL-enabled is referred to as 'Always-On SSL'.

SSL-enabled Plan

340 USD ~

(excl. tax)

Easy Basic Plan + SSL

1,799 USD ~

(excl. tax)

Pages not properly SSL secured will include a strong warning message prior, and will have reduced access due to the warning page.

If you try to access a website that does not support SSL, you will get a full-screen warning saying "Connection to 00 is not secure" (00 shows the URL you tried to access).
You have to click on 'Go to site' to view the homepage.

This feature is a measure to protect the environment for safe internet browsing.
If you set the browser security settings are set to HTTPS priority mode, non-SSL pages that aren’t secured are deemed dangerous and access is denied.


Provide a safer environment for your visitors and customers.

Viewers will feel uncomfortable if their information is not secure on your website.
Make your website SSL-compliant and provide a secure communication environment.
A secure environment will increase your customers' trust and give them peace of mind when sharing information such as through enquiry forms, or placing orders.

The demand for increased security is accelerating worldwide.
Requests to switch to SSL are increasing very rapidly, and we are realising that this is attracting a lot of attention. We recommend that you take action as soon as possible to avoid being left behind in this trend and damaging trust.


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