Prevent spam e-mails with reCAPTCHA

Prevent spam e-mails with reCAPTCHA

Are you getting spammed with mail?


Spam attacks have become more frequent and companies have started to focus on safety measures.
Massive spam emails are also a type of server attack, and many people may have problems such as opening the contents of an email and being infected with a virus, or receiving persistent emails.

For those who are troubled by such problems, we introduce CHACO-WEB's cyber safety measures.

CHACO-WEB Cyber Security

340 USD~

(excl. tax)

Tired of fake emails?

Do you receive strange, unrelated emails?

  • Unwanted advertisements from strange companies
  • E-mails with strange contents
  • E-mails from unknown senders

If you are not careful

If left untouched

Server terminated?

If there is a large amount of spam, the server will stop functioning and the website itself may not be accessible.

If left untouched

Lost of emails

This can lead to missing important emails, such as emails from customers.

If left untouched

Virus risks

As these emails can have unknown contents, your server or PC may be affected with malware.

Safety measures are required.

CHACO-WEB Security Measures

As a safety measure, CHACO-WEB has introduced Google's reCAPTCHA to prevent spam mails being sent.
A machine learning AI makes decisions as it learns, and can tell whether an email is a malicious spam mail sent mechanically or a real enquiry sent by an actual human being.


If you are troubled by spam or want to strengthen your cyber security, please consider CHACO-WEB.

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