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  • A safe website
  • Website analytics
  • Latest SEO strategies
  • Clean, sleek designs
  • Easier and convenient functions
  • Better support

Do all the above at CHACO-WEB. Come to us to discuss everything from beginner guidance to marketing strategies.

A list of features is available. Click on the title you are interested in to find out more.

Building better SEO for your website

Recommended features for convenience and peace of mind

[Most important] Strengthen the security of your entire website with SSL CLICK TO EXPAND

Warnings are displayed on websites with weak security. Customers will not feel safe on a website with warnings.
Provide a secure website environment and increase trust as well.
Permanent SSL support means that the homepage address starts with HTTPS and the entire homepage is connected securely. 85.7% (2021) of websites are SSL-enabled, and the time has come for SSL support to be taken for granted.

SSL support is also included in the factors that determine Google's search rankings (SEO), so it is also essential for those who want to enhance their SEO.

For more information on SSL, please see 'Cheap Always On SSL Support Plans'.

SSL for whole site

340 USD~

(excl. tax)

Easy Basic + SSL

1250 USD~

(excl. tax)

Decrease site loading speed CLICK TO EXPAND

There are two major benefits of speeding up the display of a website.

The first is that customers want to browse websites comfortably.
Pages that are displayed quickly and quickly are less stressful.
This is effective in attracting customers, as they tend to take action such as making enquiries without stress. Conversely, it has been reported that 53% of visitors leave a website if it takes longer than three seconds, which can be detrimental to customer attraction.

Second, page display speed is also relevant to SEO.
Google lowers search rankings for pages with very slow page load speeds.
It prioritises the rankings of websites that provide a good environment for users, so a high level of satisfaction can lead to higher search rankings.

We will aim to speed up your website so that it loads within 3 seconds on most connections.

出典:ピングダム / Does Page Load Time Really Affect Bounce Rate

Page speed up


Google recommended Display pages crisp and fast! Loading image function CLICK TO EXPAND

This plan is designed for users who want to increase page display speed easily.
This plan uses a system that loads images as you scroll, speeding up your pages quickly. This is effective for both customer satisfaction and SEO.

Delayed image loading
for faster speed

340 USD

(excl. tax)

Expand your possibilities to increase search inflows! Rich snippets (Rich Results) CLICK TO EXPAND

Have you ever seen a website with a review star rating on the search results screen? This is called Rich Snippets (Rich Results) and is a search display method that Google is actively working on.

It's a hot feature that stands out, is easy to tap, and increases the chances of getting more search traffic!
To display it, you need to use a specialised programme called Structured Data Markup. Google will then make a decision and may display it in the search results.
This does not mean that it can be displayed reliably, but the advantages when it is displayed are significant.

Examples of what can be displayed.
Review ratings, prices, event information, recipes, job information (Google Job Search), etc.
For more information, please contact us.


Rich Snippet


Favicons to stand out from competitors, and better SEO CLICK TO EXPAND

Google has announced plans to make changes to the list results of the smartphone version of Google Search to add favicons.
The new design places the favicon and the name of the website at the top of the search results. It allows users to quickly judge the search results and easily decide what to look for next.


Favicon Add-On


(excl. tax)

Spam Prevention - Google reCAPTCHA CLICK TO EXPAND

Annoyed by spam e-mails?
As a safety measure, CHACOWEB has introduced Google's reCAPTCHA to hinder spam emails.

Google reCAPTCHA


(excl. tax)

Develop a better website

Recommended features for convenience and peace of mind

Google Search Console registration agent for SEO and improvement CLICK TO EXPAND

It is now an essential website diagnostic tool to attract more visitors and stronger SEO.
Submit a sitemap and get your website registered with Google search engines as soon as possible.

It is an important guideline for how to improve your website, and can also be integrated with Google Analytics.

  • Submit a sitemap to inform Google.
  • Find out which search terms have been accessed.
  • Tell you about errors and areas for improvement within your website.

Search Console

130 USD~

(excl. tax)

Access analysis to attract effective web visitors (Google Analytics 4 installation) CLICK HERE

Introduce the analytics service provided by Google.
Analytics = Analytics means 'analysis' or 'analysis' and allows you to see at a glance.

  • The number of daily visits and how many people are currently looking at your website.
  • What terms your customers are using to search for your website.
  • From which countries and cities are your customers looking at your website?
  • You can see whether they are viewing your website on a smartphone or a computer, and even the model.
  • Which pages of your site do customers stay on and for how long?
  • How many are new customers and how many are repeat customers?


Machine learning with AI is also introduced to observe customers in detail, which is an absolutely necessary feature for SEO and attracting web customers.

Part of the management screen


Google Analytics

130 USD~

(excl. tax)

Show up on Google Maps - Google Business Profile Registration Agency CLICK HERE

A must-have to seek local customers!
Sign up for a Google Business Profile that can be displayed on Google Maps. This is a sure-fire way to attract more customers. The number of functions is increasing all the time, which shows the high demand.

  • Phone number display
  • Display of website address
  • Display of opening hours
  • Comment function from owner on reviews
  • Deletion request function for fraudulent review submissions
  • Image display
  • Menu display
  • Take-out and delivery display (restaurants)

Business Profile


Create content aimed at
attracting more customers.

Recommended features for convenience and peace of mind

WordPress Blogs for Content Marketing CLICK HERE

Are you relying on advertising and referrals from people you know to attract customers?
Then content marketing is the way to go.
You can write articles on your business blog and aim to attract a steady stream of customers without spending any budget. The main advantage of a business blog is that the articles become an asset and a long-term customer attraction asset.
WordPress blogs are free to use and free from unnecessary advertising.

Click here for reference articles on content marketing.

Wordpress Blog

590 USD~

(excl. tax)

Showcase your blog or Instagram posts! CLICK HERE

Customers are more likely to like your latest posts when they are more visible.
Why not link your Instagram and blog posts neatly with images? Make your online presence easier, and fresh.



Social Media Feel Installation

130 USD~

(excl. tax)

Instagram posts into blog posts! Blog extension CLICK HERE

Instagram is gaining relevance daily.
Having to post here and there is time-consuming and difficult.
We help you manage your business blog easily with a convenient linkage function that reflects your Instagram posts directly on your blog.


Instagram to
Blog Posts Function

850 USD

(excl. tax)

Refurbish your smartphone menu to get an upper hand! CLICK HERE

With mobile visitors increasing rapidly, why not focus on your smartphone menu design?
Instead of a run-of-the-mill menu design, you can create an original smartphone website that differentiates you from your competitors.
Show off your website with an intuitive, decorative smartphone-centric menu.

Smartphone Menu Plus

499 USD~

(excl. tax)

Increase social media’s interaction rates! CLICK HERE

Want to increase the click-through rate of your social networking posts?
Posts with images encourage clicks and help increase traffic.

An OGP image is an image that appears on a post when you share a blog post on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
Once set up, the image of the blog post is automatically displayed on social networking sites.


OGP Setup

200 USD~

(excl. tax)

Grow your website! Features you can update yourself

Recommended features for convenience and peace of mind

Beginner friendly Raku Edit function! CLICK HERE

This is a CHACO-WEB originally developed update function that can be operated on the homepage as if it were a website.
No specialist knowledge required. Even beginners can update easily. Why not try this new feature, which is easier and more affordable than WordPress?

What can be changed with the easy update button

  • Change or replace text
  • Replacing fixed images

Can be applied to new and old websites!

Per-page basis

70 USD~

(excl. tax)

Apply to current website

140 USD~

(excl. tax)

Use WordPress to manage and update your own content CLICK HERE

The world's most used CMS, it is easy to manage and update.
With a 75% market share in Japan, why don't you try WordPress?

You can even install it on your existing website!

WordPress Installation

330 USD~

(excl. tax)

Plugin installation


Effective web recruitment using Google

Recommended features for convenience and peace of mind

Show jobs on the search results page! CLICK HERE

Google Job Search is a feature that allows companies to display their jobs at the top of Google search results when searching for words related to 'jobs' and 'recruitment'.
The jobs section of Google Work Search appears in both PC and smartphone search results.
Create an effective jobs website using the world's most popular job search service.

Example search results


Google Job Search

850 USD~

(excl. tax)

Reliable support for production and operation

Recommended features for convenience and peace of mind

Priority Production Queue CLICK HERE

I need a homepage now!
We offer production options with rush delivery. Please contact us for more information.

Priority Production Queues

7/10/14 days


Manuscript writing services CLICK HERE

Whether or not your writing is good or bad can affect your ability to attract customers to your website.
If you are unsure about writing or do not have the time to write a manuscript, our professional writers will create an effective text for you.

Manuscript services

330 USD~

(excl. tax)

Backup Services CLICK HERE

Whether it’s file corruption, server malfunction, or hacked content,
Backups are very important in case of emergencies.
With the backup service, CHACO-WEB performs monthly backup work.
This is a reliable service that also includes work when you need to restore your website, for example, in the event of a cyber-attack.

Service details

  • Monthly delivery of back-up data to the customer.
  • Restoration work in the event of damage to the website due to a cyber-attack.
  • Notification to customers when it is time to renew the domain and server (one-year peace of mind plan).
  • We also recommend the backup function provided by the rental service. We can also investigate and guide you through the service. Please feel free to contact us.

6 Months Plan

Backups monthly for

390 USD~

(excl. tax)

1 Year Plan

Backups monthly for

650 USD~

(excl. tax)

Native Language Translation CLICK HERE

Would you like to increase your outreach in other language communities? Come to us for translation services.
We handle Japanese, Chinese as well as several other languages.
We can also create websites in foreign languages.

Native Language


Online Shop Registration CLICK HERE

Want to set up your shop online?
Let us help you register your products in your e-commerce shop.

Product registration


WordPress Backup & Upgrade Service CLICK HERE

WordPress websites need to be updated periodically. Backups are also necessary in case the update causes issues.

Backup & Update


Phone and Video Call Consultations CLICK HERE

We will consult with you on various technical aspects such as: how to update your website after delivery, how to operate WordPress, html and style sheets, and how to use applications such as Photoshop.
Send us an email with your requirements, and we will set up a date and time.

We recommend using Skype or other programs with screen sharing for consultations.
There are no call charges and the price from CHACO-WEB is cheaper than by telephone.

  • Please write down the details of your consultation in an email. We will arrange a consultant who is suited to the content.
  • After site publishing, the service can be used up to three times/year.


70 USD / 30 mins

(tax excl.)


60 USD / 30 mins

(tax excl.)

Google Ads Support CLICK HERE

For those that are struggling with technical issues surrounding the usage of Google Ads.
Use the expertise of CHACO-WEB developer’s skill in using Google Ads to streamline your advertisement online.

Beginner Setup

130 USD

(tax excl.)

Intensive Support

320 USD

(tax excl.)

Creating a secure and trustworthy website

Recommended features for convenience and peace of mind

File Attachment Feature for Contact Forms CLICK HERE

There may be cases where you would like the customer to send you images, text or other files together with the form.
However, file attachments cannot be sent via normal form submissions. In such cases, please use this plan.

The file attachment function may not be available depending on your server and php version. Please feel free to contact us first.

File Submission

270 USD~

(excl. tax)