Why We Keep Things
Free Every Month

Why We Keep Things Free Every Month

What’s more important than
management fees?

Our mission is to provide customers with a website
that they can continue to use easily.
A website does not end when it is built.


A website’s performance is developed through trial and error as it is updated to improve its effectiveness.
Since optimizing your website.
It is better to keep running costs as low as possible because it requires a long relationship.

That is why we believe it is important to reduce the burden on our customers by charging a monthly fee of 'zero yen'.
We will only require payment for modifications if the specific changes calls for a hands-on from an expert.
Please come to us if you would like to experience cost-effective website management.

Websites serve
as the base
for your content creation

It’s common for small companies to use websites and social networking sites/blogs for marketing.
Many people to make decisions about a company by searching for information online before contacting them.

We live in an era of websites that have moved from 'just have one' to 'use it to gain trust and attract customers'. The nature of websites is undergoing a change.
More and more people are placing their trust in companies that show information transparently, and updates their presence online frequently.
This is because to your average visitor, your company’s online presence is all they may ever see.

The websites produced by CHACO-WEB can be updated by you at any time.
Let's stick to a lively website and develop it as a place to attract customers and gain their trust.


Domain and server
are contracted
directly to customer, so
"zero administration costs"

The management cost of the domain name and rental server is zero because the customer takes the initiative in providing them.
If you ask a production company to take care of the management and contract, it can costs between 30 USD to 40 USD per month.
However, the truth is that managing a 'domain' and 'rental server' takes very little effort.

You may be worried that signing up for a 'domain' or 'rental server' yourself may sound difficult, but in fact it is surprisingly easy to do by yourself.
Of course, we provide support to guide you through the contract.

We have helped thousands of customers sign up for domain and rental server contracts, and not a single customer has failed to do so. Rest assured, we are here to help you.


Manage your domain
easily in-house

We have received concerning enquiries from our customers, such as "We asked a production company to manage our website, but suddenly we can't contact them any more." and “It's time to renew my domain name, what should I do?" These are some of the questions we are asked to answer.

For example, if something happens to the website production company to which you entrusted the management of your domain or rental server, you may not be able to continue using that domain.
Some production companies will not even hand over the right to manage the domain for various other reasons.

If this happens, you have to start all over again from scratch. In other words, you will have to start again from zero online presence in terms of credibility.

Your website is your asset.
At CHACO-WEB, we ask you to take care of it yourself.
Of course, the procedure is very simple and we will prepare you a detailed manual.