Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered some questions
which often get asked by our clients


Do you really take no subscription fees?

Yes, we do not charge a monthly management fee. We create websites so that customers can update it themselves as much as possible.
For domains and servers, we accept a separate annual agency fee if you request us to act on your behalf, but the basic style is that you pay directly to the domain or server company

Are there any other costs apart from the production fee?

You will need to pay the domain and server contract fees to the domain and server company. We have a selection of reasonable, low-cost companies available, with domain fees starting at around 10 USD per year and server rental costs from 10 USD per month. Don't worry, the process is easy too.

Can I really update it myself?

Yes, you can - CHACO-WEB offers an optional easy-to-update button that allows you to simply rewrite your website on-screen. No specialist knowledge is required. It's easier than ever.
You can also inquire us to update areas that require specialist skills or when you are busy.

What is your turnaround time?

  • Easy Basic Course (Template Course)
    About 14 days (after materials are available / working days)

Please consider this as a rough guide as the schedule may change depending on traffic.
For customers in a hurry or customers who only require coding, please contact us separately.

Will the website disappear if I cancel the contract?

No. CHACO-WEB's website is a built-to-order style, so there is no cancellation after delivery.
As long as you keep the domain and server, you can use it for free. The data is yours.

What is the easy update button?

This is an update tool developed and provided by CHACO-WEB.
You can open your own homepage and rewrite or replace text and images on the spot. It is very popular with novice users as it requires no specialist knowledge and has no complicated administration screens.

Can I install an easy-to-update button on any homepage?

You can install the button on your own homepage or a homepage created by another company.
Please consult us first as it may not be possible depending on the specifications of your server or website.

Can you hand over the website data? Is there a charge for handover?

Yes, we hand it over free of charge.
We will deliver the data online at the time of delivery/publication.
For customers who have already received the data, it is possible to hand over the data if it is still within the data storage period. Please contact us.

What about SEO?

A CHACO-WEB focuses on creating a good user experience. We believe SEO is about following the basics properly and to enrich it with solid content.
While there are many discussions surrounding SEO, it is rarely possible to achieve long lasting results with just a few tweaks.
There was a time when simply increasing the number of links would place you at a higher search ranking. Nowadays, however, it is said that if you forcefully increase the number of links, there is a possibility that your website will be marked as spam. Therefore, CHACO-WEB does not provide guaranteed search ranking SEO.
If you want to ensure a guaranteed increase in rankings for a limited time campaign or event, we recommend the use of advertising conducted by Google.

In addition, since April 2015, website must be optimised for display on smartphones.
We recommend that you make your website responsive as part of your mobile-friendly support.

I already have a domain and server, can I use it?

Yes, you can.
Please contact us in advance as it may not be possible to install the desired functions due to limitations in the range of functions supported by the server.

I don't have a good photo at hand, what should I do?

Don't worry.
CHACO-WEB has contracts with more than 20 million stock images, so you can choose the photos you like best.
Of course, we can also use your own photos.

Can we have a meeting in person?

We are sorry, but we do not hold meetings in person.
Please be assured that we communicate with you and take all possible measures for production even without meeting you.
Thanks to this, we are able to produce our products at low prices, and we now receive many requests from overseas.

I would like you to make a logo for me, do you support this?

Yes, we do.
The price depends on the type of logo and pattern you require.
Please contact us for more information.

Can I send materials by post?

Sorry, we do not accept materials by post.
In the unlikely event that you send us materials by post, we will not return them.
Please understand this in advance.

Can I send manuscripts and photos as ZIP files?

Sorry, we no longer handle ZIP files for both sending and receiving.
This is because ZIP files have been identified as having risks such as bypassing virus checks.
Even if you send us a ZIP file, we will delete it without opening it for safety reasons. Please be aware of this.
When sending large data, please use a data delivery service instead of a ZIP file.

Can I make a request from abroad?

Yes, of course we accept them.
As there are no face-to-face meetings, we deliver high quality work anywhere in the world. Meetings are by email and Skype. We also offer multi-language website and shop cart production.

What are your after-sales support policies?

We provide these free of charge at the time of delivery:
・Various manuals on how to use the system.
・Backup data of the website.
We also regularly send you other useful information on how to manage your website and how to ensure that you receive the latest news surrounding websites, and online presence.
As we do not charge a management fee, we will not update your website or maintain your domain and server on your behalf.
We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about the operation of the website free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We will support you in making your website come alive.

What about backups?

We offer three safe measures for backups.
First: We provide you with free 'website backup data' and a 'how-to manual' at the time of delivery.
Second: We also offer CHACO-WEB's reliable backup service.
Third: The backup function provided by your rental server offers a low-cost, easy-to-use service. Please consider that as well.

I am not good at writing. I am not confident in drafting a manuscript, what should I do?

It is more important for your website to use words that "show the strengths of your business" and "deliver peace of mind to your customers" rather than "writing skills".
Start by taking a small steps.
Writing out bullet points of what you value in your business.
Connect and expand them to create sentences, and you will have a one-of-a-kind manuscript.
CHACO-WEB has information to help you create your own website manuscript. Please have a look at our blog posts if you like. Take a look at our blog

If you find it difficult to create your own drafts, we also offer a manuscript drafting service.

Additionally, you can update, revise and add text to your website at any time.
After the website is completed, you can rewrite and develop it as you go along.