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Free per month & Multifunctional
Easy Website Deluxe Package

A set of features to attract customers!

SSL, blog function, SNS linkage, access analysis, a plan packed with the features you want!
Ideal for those who want a low-cost website to attract customers.

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Free per month & Multifunctional Easy Website Deluxe Package
Make blogs that customers want to read

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Showcase your content for free every month.

What your customers want to see is whether you are transmitting trustworthy information.
Both attracting customers and your credibility as a company will grow if you continue to transmit content.
This plan is generously equipped with the necessary functions for those who want to attract customers.

Ideal for those who

  • Want to build up trust by introducing case studies and achievements.
  • Wish introduce their day-to-day operations and make them feel familiar with them.
  • Want to increase traffic from their blog to attract customers.
  • Update and let people know about new services.

The easy deluxe website creation plan costs 0 dollars per month and can be developed into a website that can attract customers.

  1. 01.High quality design templates to choose from.
  2. 02.No monthly fees.
  3. 03.Compatible with PCs, smartphones and tablets.
  4. 04.Original blog function to attract customers.
  5. 05.All pages SSL-enabled.
  6. 06.Easy to update by yourself.
  7. 07.Over 40 million HD quality stock images to choose from.
  8. 08.Free raw data delivery.
  9. 09.Access analytics!
  10. 10.Can link with Social Media.
Very affordable production packages.

We are committed to delivering solid quality that proves your legitimacy.

A website is the face of your company.
We use our 22 years of design know-how to create a quality website that contributes to your business.
You can rely on us for both new launches and renewals.

Main Features

Free Monthly
Free Monthly
No long term costs.
High Quality Choice of Templates
High Quality Choice
of Templates
A selection of many layouts and features.
Smartphone Compatible
Smartphone Compatible
Responsive design that’s compatible with phone, tablet and PC displays.
Contact Form
Contact Form
Includes contact form with no additional charge.
Raku Edit Button
Raku Edit Button
Easily update website whenever, with any device.
Internal SEO
Internal SEO
Optimised and built with SEO in mind.
Data Handover
Data Handover
We can send your site’s full data for free.
Free Manual
Free Manual
Comes with a manual for updating and maintaining various aspects of the website.
Social Media Links
Social Media Links
Add feeds from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
All pages SSL enabled
All pages SSL enabled
Secure browsing with site-wide SSL.
Google Analytics
Check your site’s performance and analytics with Google.
Original Blog
Original Blog
Easily update your information and catalogue with WordPress.


Accommodation Website



For our opening of a café and an island inn on the island of Iki in Nagasaki Prefecture, we planned to create a website as an advertising medium. We made a request to CHACO-WEB on the basis that we could raise some costs on the assumption that subsidies would be given and that there would be no costs after creation.

We are very satisfied with the finished product.


Music School Website



I was concerned about a website’s production cost and production time, and wondering whether if it was worth the increase in publicity.
I decided on CHACO-WEB because the production cost suited my budget. I liked the fact that I didn't have to pay monthly outlay. Another reason I decided on CHACO-WEB was that I could do some simple editing myself after delivery.
I had a quick exchange with the staff and they gave me clear explanations. The finished product was exactly what I wanted.

Thank you very much for your expert guidance and smooth production. 


Hair Salon Website



I decided on CHACO-WEB because I didn't need to pay monthly fees and I liked the fact that I could manage it myself.
The production period was not too long, and even when we were late in submitting materials, they were able to respond timely.
We put a lot of effort into the latest shop information as well as the jobs page, so we hope to be able to recruit new staff.

Thank you very much for producing this project.
We look forward to working with you in the future.


Production Flow









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