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Simple and easy website
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For example, if you continue to pay $100 per month every month on a three-year contract, the total monthly cost alone, in addition to the initial cost, is $3,600. Surprisingly expensive, don't you think?

Our mission is to provide a true low-cost website that does not burden customers with monthly costs.

Easy Basic Website Plan offers
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  1. 01.High quality template
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  4. 04.No monthly fees
  5. 05.Over 40 million beautiful stock images to pick for free
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Simple and easy website

Easy Basic PlanEasy Basic Website


including tax

An easy-to-use website that has everything you need for a corporate website. You can choose from a range of beautiful template designs.
Low cost and secure, free from monthly fees. Free software to update your website anytime, anywhere.

Easy Basic Plan + SSLEasy Basic Website +SSL


including tax

A secure plan that adds the security feature of SSL to Easy Basic Website. A secure website without worry.

Easy Multifunction SiteEasy Deluxe Site


including tax

A beautifully designed template-based website design.
This is an economical plan that includes all the features you need for bringing in visitors, such as a fluid design, SSL, and blog functions. For those who want to increase their chances of bringing in customers by sending out information and growing their content.

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Anytime and Anywhere

Got new information, or updating old posts?
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Comes free of charge with any of our websites.
Rewrite text and change images even with zero technical skills.
Easy website design for beginners.

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Judicial Scrivener Office

Takasugi Judicial Scrivener Office

Shiga, Japan

Our firm opened for business in November 2008 and decided to create a website immediately to attract customers. We researched a number of web development companies, but the prices differed greatly, and we were worried about our financial situation when we first started our business, so we wanted to use a company that could create a solid homepage for as little cost as possible.
However, when you first start a business, you don't know what features you should have on your website. So we decided to go for a simple, inexpensive homepage, with the ability to add features and pages as required.
When we were looking for a website based on these criteria, we came across CHACO-WEB and were convinced by the price and content, so we decided to ask them to create a website for us.The quality of the website was so good that it was hard to believe that it was inexpensive, and I was happy to have my own website for my firm.
The good thing about CHACO-WEB is that I can add the features I need, as and when I need them, and I can easily consult with CHACO-WEB.
Thanks to this blog, in the city where our office is located, our office is now at the top of many content searches for related terms.
After our success, I wanted to attract further customers, but I had no particular ideas myself.So I consulted with CHACO-WEB and was told that these days, smartphone searches are becoming the mainstream and that it is important to attract customers with a display that is easy to view on smartphones in the future.
We asked them to build a smartphone menu and embed a YouTube link in the website. We decided to utilise the Small Business Sustainability Grant for it. The grant requires various documents to be issued appropriately and promptly, but when we told them that we were requesting the use of the grant, they were able to promptly issue the documents and respond to our demands, which was very helpful when we submitted our application for the grant.
We were also able to easily consult with them about the use of the grant, and they helped us from the application stage with the creation and enhancement of our website by utilizing the grant.


Company introduction

Mr Takase

Kanagawa Prefecture

We had a vague idea of what we wanted when we created our website, but we thought it would be difficult to convey this to the creator. The website was created with a lot of care despite repeated revisions. I like it very much. Thank you very much.


Company introduction

Mr Daisuke Sato

Hokkaido, Japan

Thank you very much for creating our company website.
We would like to thank everyone at CHACO-WEB and Mr Ota, our production manager, for making our website such a wonderful one. I would like to thank you again.
I am very happy that even though I do not know anything about information technology, I was able to successfully complete the website with your generous support.
We are a newly established company at the moment, but we would like to grow our company in the future while being of service to our customers.
When our company grows, we would like to request CHACO-WEB to produce an upgraded website for us again, so we look forward to working with you again in the future.


Construction company

Yuritsu Construction Ltd.

Tochigi, Japan

It was the first time for us creating website and we didn't know what to expect, but CHACO-WEB gave us detailed layouts and helped create a website that we were more than satisfied within our budget.


Company introduction

Mr Hayakawa

Tokyo, Japan

Thank you very much for your help.
Thank you very much for the wonderful website you have created for us.
We will be asking for your help in many ways in the future, and we look forward to working with you.


Company introduction

Okaden Corporation, Mr Tanigawa

Hyogo, Japan

To everyone at homepage production company CHACO-WEB.
Thank you very much for your help this time. We’re grateful to all of the staff at CHACO-WEB.
We look forward to your continued guidance in the future.


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