Introducing tips on how to create a website that can attract customers, SEO, and web marketing operations

What does it mean to attract visitors with a website? Tips for creating a website


This post introduces the methods and concepts of creating an effective website for those who want to create websites.
The first part of the series is about understanding “What does it mean to bring viewers to a website?”

We come across many customers who begin their website creation journey with:
“I want to have many visitors to my website!”,
But are you clear on what it means to get potential visitors to your site?

There are many people who create a website with the same intent, but most only have a vague understanding of the important aspects of drawing attention.
In order to make the most of the power of your website, you need to have a clear understanding of some concepts.
If you just vaguely want to attract visitors and convert them into customers, you don’t know exactly what you need to do.

Before you say, “Let’s just build it anyway”, think about how customers feel when they access your site..
Read this article and understand how a website can essentially attract customers, you will be able to create a website that will be a more effective weapon for your business.

A website is a means to attract customers and achieve your objectives

The purpose of creating a website is to increase sales as a result.
It is important to be aware of this ‘as a result’.

Some people make creating a website an end in itself. Keep in mind that a website is a means to increase sales.

Therefore, it works best if you start by thinking about what you will do on your website to increase sales.

I want people to know about my shop and my company.
I want people to request information.
I want people to request an appointment
I want you to know and trust my company’s approach
I want you to become a reader of my newsletter
I want you to buy my products
I want you to request a quote
I want you to become a follower on social networking sites and spread the word about our posts
When you think about “what you do on your website to increase sales”, it becomes clear what actions you want your customers to take.

Conversely, if this is not clear, customers will not take action.

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A high number of site visitors does not necessarily mean you can attract customers

Everyone cares about the number of accesses, but in reality it is not as simple as access number = ability to attract customers.

Even if you have a lot of site visitors, if you don’t make people take action, you will end up with a website that doesn’t achieve its objectives.

For example:

Cafe A brings in:
1,000 hits per day, of which 5 purchases

Cafe B brings in:
200 hits per day, of which 15 purchases

Despite the lower number of visits, Cafe B is definitely more successful in achieving its objectives. It has a higher conversion rate.

Cafe A is an example of a website that can bring people to the website but does not lead to sales, meaning low conversion rate.

Instead of just trying to increase traffic, start by making sure that your website offers what your customers want.

This means displaying information that customers want to know in an easy-to-read design and making it easy for them to move around the website.
This includes making your prices and course information easy to read and creating an easy-to-fill-in enquiry form.

If your customers can get the information they want on your website, and if it is easy to navigate, this will lead to increased sales.

And you aim to increase access from people that share the interests which are aligned with your company’s customer base.


Attracting customers with a website is not just about increasing traffic.
We have explained that attracting customers by accessing and serving them on your website is the real way to attract customers.

It may sound harsh, but even if you have created a beautifully designed website, a website that does not bring in sales is an incompetant website.

Essentially, a website is a tool that is a powerful ally in business.
The fact that there are many people who attract customers through their websites (we at CHACO-WEB are one of them) also shows that the possibilities are wide depending on how you create your website.

In the next article, we will explain the very important purpose of a website. If this is not decided, the meaning of the website may become vague. So, remind yourself about attracting customers and the purpose of your website and you’ll have a successful one!



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